Matt Voto

I have developed a close working relationship with Matt Voto, formerly of Votomotive Custom Toys. Our styles and approach to action figure customizing complement each other nicely. His airbrush paint technique is out of this world! He’s truly in a class by himself. On top of that, he’s generous, forthcoming, and just an all around great guy!!

We are in the process of collaborating on several custom figure projects. Our plan is to knock the socks off the action figure collecting community! So, stay tuned!!

Cancer Suit Spidey


Next Level Collectibles



Upcoming collaboration projects will be produced under the label Next Level Collectibles…stay tuned!

What sets Next Level Collectibles apart from all the rest is a well defined creative vision for each character and absolute attention to detail. All mold seam lines are sanded and peg holes filled, prior to final paint application. The result is, in effect, an articulated statue.