Hey, True Believers!

Since I’ve been doing this, my goal has always been to find the easiest way to get the best result. Action figure customizing probably started because fans wanted some of the less popular characters not offered by the big toy manufacturers. The most basic way to get that is just repaint a figure to look like the one you want. Of course, just doing this well requires a fair amount of practice learning how to thin paints for best result and brush technique, etc. Then, you can begin to custom mix colors to get a more specific look to your character. Assuming you have put the time in on developing your painting skills, the next step in creating a unique looking figure for yourself is to kitbash. This means combining parts from several different figures to create the look you want.

To accomplish this you will need to scavenge various parts from figures you don’t intend to keep as part of your collection. You may have already spent hundreds of dollars on toys that you consider scrap material, or “fodder.” If you are diligent, you can build a sizeable fodder bin by scouring yard sales and thrift shops. Either way, you need to have options available to you. Then, your creative talents can be unleashed. The only thing holding you back is the limits of your own imagination!

You will need to choose a base body to use as your starting point. The vast majority of customizers utilize figures from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 6” scale line. One of the most popular body molds to use is the Captain America from Arnim Zola BAF(Build-A-Figure) Series, released in 2012. This mold has been re-used by Hasbro so many times it’s not practical to try listing all of the figures released since then. This being the case, they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. It is referred to as the “Bucky Cap” mold by most, since Steve Rogers’ friend Bucky was the acting Captain America at this point in the character’s continuity.

I had several Bucky Cap bodies and recently spent some time going through my fodder to come up with ways of using them to make characters I want to add to my collection. So, I decided to share them with you just to show how the process might work.


Daredevil: Year One

Based on combining Daredevil’s classic yellow costume with the idea of not having the “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” concept fully developed yet as he is learning his craft… as depicted in the first season of the Netflix show.

  1. Torso, Thighs, Knee and Elbow Joints, Holster and Baton – Walgreen’s Exclusive Daredevil 2015
  2. Head and Arms – Dormammu BAF Series Iron Fist 2016
  3. Lower Legs and Feet – Odin BAF Series Iron Fist 2015
  4. Belt – Juggernaut BAF Series Wolverine 2016
  5. Baton – Thanos BAF Series Hellcat 2015*
    *additional Baton without connecting peg allows to be seated all the way down in thigh holster.




Going to do a Punisher with more military look than the classic costume, similar to the Nemesis BAF Series variant figure from 2009. I love the look of the olive green and camouflage. To make it look right will require that painting skill I mentioned earlier!


  1. Base Body, Vest and Gear Belt – Hit Monkey BAF Series Ultimate Captain America 2013
  2. Arms – Arnim Zola BAF Series Fantomex 2012
  3. Head, Right Hand and Weapons – Walgreen’s Exclusive Punisher 2016
  4. Left Hand – Odin BAF Series Iron Fist 2015


I want a Deadpool that’s more “cartoony” looking with exaggerated proportions, similar to the way Ed McGuinness drew the character during the early Joe Kelly comic book run.


  1. Base Body – Odin BAF Series Hawkeye 2015
  2. Head – Cast of Randy Bowen sculpt purchased from Casting Cave
  3. Arms – Juggernaut BAF Series Wolverine 2016
  4. Hands – Hulkbuster BAF Series Blizzard 2015
  5. Boots – Walgreen’s Exclusive Punisher 2016
  6. Gear Belt and Holster – Red Skull Onslaught BAF Series Mercenaries of Mayhem Scourge 2016

Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoyed it!


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